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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is very much like dreaming.  In this state, the person's conscious mind becomes quiet or passive. The hypnotist introduces suggestions into the powerful subconscious mind.

When you dream, you adjust your level of consciousness to alpha frequency, and alpha waves are associated with a calm state of mind. The ability to practice them will help you achieve maximum concentration, awareness and relaxation.

Hypnosis is a technique that helps you to enter into this peaceful state of mind intentionally and to focus your attention on certain goals so that they can be achieved.  Like dreaming, hypnosis is a completely normal, safe and healthy process.

The difference is that while under hypnosis, your mind is directed to specific and useful goals that you want to achieve, not fantasies, as is the case with dreams.


In the modern world, hypnosis is one of the most valuable tools used to improve life. Through hypnosis, unwanted habits can be defeated, useful habits can be formed, can be constructively approached to solve every human problem, true happiness can replace misery. Through hypnosis, you are able to place powerful suggestions directly in your subconscious. It accepts them and makes them become reality.


Hypnosis ca be used to: Stop smoking, eliminate phobias, anxiety and depression, reduce your weight, help you sleep, reduce stress, enjoy relationships,  improve your sex life, eliminate unwanted habits, increase you confidence.

The list can go on.


By devoting 45 minutes of your time each day to this audio session for 28 days, you will truly have complete control over your life.

To allow hypnotic suggestions to penetrate the subconscious effectively, you need to sit or lie down comfortably and in a quiet, peaceful and safe place for you. Try to eliminate any distractions  that might prevent you from relaxing and relaxing. choose the light that suits you best, take the most comfortable posture, close your eyes .... and let your subconscious work for you.

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